EIRP Proceedings, Vol 11 (2016)

Albania-EU relationship and the course towards the European integration

Jeta Mitat Goxha


Abstract: The collapse of the communist regime in Albania made possible the country’s opening to the west, a country that had chosen the way of total isolation. Albania was the first country in the Balkans region who signed a commercial agreement in 1992 with the European Union.

This article aims to study Albania's path towards European integration. The position and role played by the European Union during that critical period for our country, as the crisis of 1997. The objective of this paper is to create a clear panorama of relationships between the EU and Albania and to highlight the problems that have come across over the years. The author of this paper will also provide an overview of the political developments in Albania after the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

The method of operation is qualitative. This paper was accomplished through a bibliographic research, drawing on the European Union legislation, the agreements signed between the two countries and also the strategies of the Albanian government during these years.




[1] Ph Candidate, Lecturer in Faculty of Law and Political Sciences SHPAL ‘Pavaresia” Vlore, Bulevardi Vlorë-Skele PO. Box 4358 Posta Vlorë AL-9401 Vlorë. Email address jeta.goxha@unipavaresia.edu.al.


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