EIRP Proceedings, Vol 11 (2016)

The Importance of Quality in the Accounting Profession

Daniela Avram Greti, Marioara Avram, Costin Daniel Avram


Quality is a term that generally expresses the synthesis of all essential qualities of things and products/services. Quality and organization of activities necessary to achieve a level of quality has evolved permanently over several centuries. Quality is used in all economic and social aspects of life, but it has a subjective character and has special significance for each specific field, sector, function or product/service. Quality is a generic term applied to the various traits or characteristics, either individual or generic, and has been defined by experts or consultants in quality in many ways, different meanings being assigned to this term. The satisfaction of suppliers/producers for the work "well done" has always been perceived as a sense of pride and raised at different levels, depending on the historical period.


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