EIRP Proceedings, Vol 11 (2016)

Contemporary International Relations Disturbance: Excessive Migration

Aura-Raluca Adamache, Andrei Tiberiu Stoica


Debating a new perspective about the immigrants situation. It is very important because the last actions that took place after the excessive migration left a mark on everyone’s perception about migration. Our paper is based on researches showing how the EU is struggling on handling the excessive migration,and on the other side, on the problems that caused the migration in the first place. To capture the practical/research evidence we approached methods like surveys and observation. The empirical studies, evidence and experieces presented resulted in a social and political presentation about the immigrants. The study involved research in the cases of excessive migration in the contemporary period and a short analyse of the latest acts of terrorism that took advantage of the new-life seekers. The studies and researches presented here have a very trustful source and helped us is our way of understanding the causes and the problems that occured from the excessive migration and the disturbance of the international relations.


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