EIRP Proceedings, Vol 11 (2016)

Europe Being Islamized - A Consequence of the Islamic Religion?

Florin Iftode


The purpose of this paper is to try as much as possible to clear the mystery about the violent nature of Islamic people and to investigate the reasons why they have resorted to terrorist acts marking the whole history of mankind, in their insatiable quest for uniqueness. The paper aims at capturing the developments in the Middle East people who over the years have managed to impose their views and judgments by intimidation methods. It also wants to be an analysis of the message sent by the Quran, much discussed and still mysterious to many people. What does it really teach? Why do the Muslims believe that their main emblem is this book? Why put so much emphasis on the Muslim faith when assessing the potential causes of Muslim world behaviors? In areas where Islam has created a gateway, it even until today fails to preach as the theory promises (peacefully) but by cruelty, murder and terrorist attacks. Finally an issue I will deal with a very pronounced degree of controversy and also very attractive in terms of events lately events that are closely related to acts of terrorism.


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