EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

Bioterrorism a Threat on Public Health and Food Safety

Răzvan Adrian Florescu


This article tackles a subject related to the field of public order and national safety, since it focuses on realities and perspective of the current security environment, from the perspective of the impact of bioterrorism on public health and order. With the beginning of this century, security has turned more and more into an extended concept and, at the same time into a security of synthesis, defined as a concept of complex integration, namely at a state, regional and global level, by the more and more powerful, evident and necessary multitude of interdependencies. The current world situation is extremely favorable to the spread of contagious diseases by means of agro-food products, taking into account the demographic explosion and the geopolitics of food in the last century. The set in of new diseases or reoccurrence of older ones, deemed eradicated, suggest that in the future we might face a recrudescence of infectious diseases of an epidemic or food nature, that is with possible bioterrorist or bio-security attacks. 


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