EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

In “No Time”, Not “Out of Time”! - A Lesson about Strategic Thinking in Regional Development -

Gabriela Marchis


The innovative approach of regional development during 2014-20 programming period, in line with the “Europe 2020” strategy, implies a new form of designing the local and regional strategies of development. The transition to a green, smart and innovative economy, cannot be attained only by adapting quickly to changes that appear in today's European society. Thus, an integrative strategic thinking becomes more necessary than ever. This research paper intends to guide and inspire those people that have the responsibility for designing and coordination of local and regional strategies of development. A lesson about strategic thinking in regional development refers mainly at the process of planning and implementation of policies with local focus, but with a significant European dimension, in an active partnership with all the relevant stakeholders. Another important lesson, mainly for Romanian authorities in charge with the management of local and regional development, is about timing with the Brussels. In order to be able to provide tangible results for citizens, each local/regional government should collaborate in order to harmonize their public policy in line with EU trend of development. Real multi-level governance is a novelty but also a necessity and a priority of 2014-20 programming period.


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