EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

Normative Acts Adopted at European Level and their Effectiveness in the Field of International Police and Judicial Cooperation

Mihai Marian Donțu, Cristi Ureche


This paper aims at making a brief analysis of the relevant EU legal acts in matters of internationaljudicial and police cooperation and the effects on the national legislation of Romania. The objective is importantas it concerns the European area of freedom, security and justice, protecting citizens being a fundamentalobjective of the Union. The paper will consider the terms and concepts mostly legal and will focus on the areasof international police and judicial cooperation. The approach used by the authors is, in essence, from a legalperspective, being used research methods like study and observation. The result of research leads to theconclusion that international judicial cooperation in criminal matters is complex, requiring the transpositioninto national law of a larger number of EU legal acts compared to international police cooperation. The papermay have implications in the activity of institutions which have attributions in the fields above-mentioned, butcan be useful for people interested in the evolution of internal legal documents. Essentially, the work highlightsthe need for giving up legal national pride for the best possible cooperation of the member States authoritieswith responsibilities in both areas.


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