EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

Economic Efficiency and Social Services

Anca Turtureanu


The author of this paper aims at highlighting the theoretical aspects related to both economic efficiency and with the social services. Economic and social reality in which we live and operate daily, either as individuals or as economic entities, increases the emphasis on efficiency. The article analyzes the necessity of studying efficiency within services. At the same time, the analysis focuses on the main perspectives of efficiency in this area: classical perspective and systemic perspective.

The beginning of the millennium is marked by a series of developments that will surely be amplified in the coming years and it will generate the reactions triggered by the permanent desire of changing the lifestyle in human society. Continuous improvement of the living standards of individual and economic development entail a new perspective on services.

The place and role of services in modern society is emerging. Services, although part of the economy, it is a separate branch of it through their related benefits instead of a bridge between the other economic sectors. Services, like any other human and economic activity are, on the one hand consumers of resources, on the other hand producing effects.


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