EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

Bread Crumbs Instead of Lead Bullets – The Duel in the Journal Furnica/The Ant

Fanel Teodorascu


The Journal Furnica/The Ant was one of those magazines in Romania that mocked the duel in their pages. The editors of this publication claimed that the honor business is the business where the “witnesses have fun, drinking and eating at the expense of” those who are fighting a duel. The same editors believed that the interest in the affairs of honor was shown especially by those individuals who lack honor. Their assertions were reinforced by the fact that many of those who “went out on the site” to solve a “matter of honor” did everything possible to avoid a real confrontation. The research of the present work encompasses the analysis of 70 articles which were published between September 1904 - October 1930.


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