EIRP Proceedings, Vol 12 (2017)

Criminal Liability and Sanctioning the Legal Entity in the Romanian Law - Realities and Perspectives

Monica Pocora


Over the past 25 years, Romania has entered into the market economy club, which means the constant growth of the economic actors that carry out their commercial activities. Over time, criminal activities conducted by legal entities have become more and more elaborate, so that there has been a need to identify the shortcomings, complemented by effective measures to coerce the illicit activity, and identifying prevention methods that appear to be effective. Moreover, the economic actors with transnational activities have begun to take advantage of the “favorable” jurisdictions of the illicit deeds, being more profitable. Thus, in the context in which Romania receives foreign investors and, more recently, gives rise to companies with international operations, the importance of modernizing and aligning the legislation on the liability of the legal person with most European and even global jurisdictions becomes obvious. 


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