EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

International Protection Regulations in the European Union

Elena Loredana Pirvu


The refugee crisis has called attention to the weaknesses of the Common European AsylumSystem. The EU needs a reformed asylum system that would be effective and provide protection, based oncommon rules, on solidarity and on fair sharing of responsibilities. The reforms proposed by the EuropeanCommission that we have analysed in this article will guarantee that people who are evidently in need ofinternational protection will have quick access to it, but also that those who are not entitled to enjoyprotection in the EU can be quickly returned. What is proposed at EU level is the final element of a globalreform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). So as to better meet the new challenges ofmigration, action must be taken on several fronts: external borders must be managed more effectively, weshould cooperate better with third parties and, above all, illegal crossing must be stopped, relocating migrantsto first asylum countries on EU territory. The proposals for reforming the CEAS, initiated by the EuropeanCommission and which are currently being negotiated, are elements that help make important steps in theright direction so as to create at the European level the structures and tools needed for a comprehensivesystem, which would be able to deal with future challenges.


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