EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

The Fundamental Right to a Healthy and Ecologically Harmonious Environment

Liliana Niculescu


The right to a healty enviroment is a fundamental right of very person in a state. It is absolutelynatural for each person to demand/to live in a healty and unpolluted enviroment. The fight for the preventionof pollution and the elimination of its consequences should be a duty of every citizen of state. Theestablishing by law of numerous obligations to protect the enviroment, both by state and private companiesdoes not diminish the importance of the moral and legal obligation of every citizen to protect the enviroment.The state recognise the right of every person to a healthy and ecologically balanced enviroment, providing thelegal framework for exerting this right. The constitutional recognition of such a right is important for theeconomy, for enviromental legislation and for the enviromental protection/policy in general.


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