EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

IT Industry and its Role in the Economic Development of Romania

Dumitru Daniel Leon, Neculai Tabără


The IT industry is currently one of the main engines of the Romanian economy, being undoubtedlythe most attractive sector in terms of wages and other benefits. The Romanian IT industry is attractive to theworld's major IT corporations due to the low cost of the workforce, and the high professional qualifications ofemployees, but also due to tax benefits offered by the Romanian state. It is very important that this sector ofactivity is not only developing in our country but also in other countries of the world. This study aims at ananalysis of the IT industry in our country through which the author intends to better understand the factorsthat have led to its development. To achieve this goal, we will conduct various analyzes of the financialperformance and position of enterprises in the IT industry, as well as the role in the development of theRomanian economy. The usefulness of the current study becomes more important as we look at the possiblefuture measures that will lead to the development of this sector, but we will also try to present the risks thatare likely to occur.


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