EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

When the “Weaker Sex” became the “Beauty symbol” – The Feminine Beauty in the Romanian Interwar Press

Fanel Teodorascu


Among the important changes brought about by the early years of the interwar period in thelife of the woman was the fact that she, the woman, was no longer regarded as the “weak” half of man, asit had been before, but the “beautiful” half. Another feature of the interwar era is that beauty is no longerold. The desire of the interwar woman, regardless of her social status or her age, of being always beautifulwas explained by the fact that a beautiful woman was easier to find a job or get into the business world.For some journalists, lipstick and last fashion clothes were specific to women of mild morals. Most of thetexts used for this paper were published in the years between the two world wars.


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