EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

The Ego Communication Beyond Interpersonal

Lăcrămioara Mocanu


During our lives, within multiple and varied interactions with others, we come to interpret a seriesof roles, to have some statuses and related behaviours and/or derived from these social conditions. And allthese have the role to deepen the relationship with the fellow man; and more, to allow “reflection and selfreflectionin the other” (Cooley). Communicating with others, regardless of the relationship and reference wehave with them, as well as the type of communication network applied, is an active, dynamic and irreversibleprocess that calls for a series of “behavioural strategies” to achieve the goals pursued. For each case, we cansay that we have a series of patterns, we have a “social mask” that allows us to adapt more or less to a givensituation, hence the reaction of the other to our position. Depending on these established relationships, thecoherency between two actors may go one way or the other. It is necessary to emphasize that each of usjuggles with these attitudes depending on the psycho-social context, but one is dominant. The position of lifeis a way of evaluating


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