EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

Theoretical and Practical Foundations on the People with Disabilities Labor Law in Romania

Diana- Mihaela Malinche


Labor law is one of the most important issues of law both national and international level. In thisstudy we will examine the area of labor law and social security labor law by profiling the study of this field inthe segment of socio- professional protection and integration of people with disabilities at national level. Theeconomic changes as well as the social changes that have occurred in our country during the last years had asignificant impact over the population, especially among people with disabilities. In order to reduce theimpact of economic fluctuations over the people with disabilities, the Romanian authorities complied to theinternational requirements and actively promotes social policies to ensure the integration of the disadvantagedpeople in the community and preventing the emergence of social barriers that restrict the implication of theaffected people to social life. The implication of Romanian state in the socio- professional insertion ofdisadvantaged people can be considered a preventive form of social protection designed to avoid socialinitiation as well as avoiding the complete disruption of social relations between societies and people withdisabilities.


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