EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

Public Procurement Management - Solutions to Minimize the Risk of Irregularities

Manuela Panaitescu, Doina Cucu


The implementation of projects funded by structural funds must be carried out in compliance withthe legal provisions in the field of public procurement or specific procedures, depending on the nature of thebeneficiary and the quality of the contracting authority. The good progress of the public procurement processalso depends on the coherence with which it is approached by the grant beneficiary. In order to verify thecorrectness of compliance with the procurement procedures carried out by the control bodies in the projects,there may be situations when some deficiencies are identified, according to E.G.O. no. 66/2011, which areconsidered deviations / irregularities from compliance with procurement rules, and percentage reductions /financial corrections can be applied. The paper aims at analyzing some situations identified in the practice ofsome beneficiaries.


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