EIRP Proceedings, Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Political Parties Attitude, Voter Trust and EU Integration (Albanian Case)

Dorina Berdufi


This article focuses on the study of relations among political parties, their actions directed to fulfilling the EU integration political criteria and voters’ trust. Under Albanian conditions, it is supposed that voters’ trust is not an important/influencing factor for the Albanian political parties towards their attitude to the EU integration. The analysis is generally based on primary data of ESS, CHES, Balkan Public Barometer and empiric Albanian surveys. Albanian political parties result to be politically polarized, possess strong leaders, have conflicts among them (even resulting in parliament boycotts), etc. The voters’ trust in political parties per se is in low level. The factors taken into consideration tend mostly to explain the thesis confirmation. Consequently, the voter trust into political parties’ fallout to be a determinant for the political party’s action and attitude, toward the European Integration. Although it is a factor of slowing down the level of belief of the Albanian citizens that Albania will enter the EU soon, resulting not so positive for this country to integrate in a bigger politically and economically government.


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