EIRP Proceedings, Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Social Housing

Marsida Feshti (Muça), Ela Golemi


Housing is a very important case as a common function of central and local government, as a consequence of the increased requests of the citizens for housing and finding the best policies to achieve the best realization. Actually in Albania is approved the law nr.22/2018 “For social housing”, by the Assembly of Albania, which is a very importanat act for the realization of social housing programs. The object of this law is the definition of rules and administrative procedures for the ways of planning, insurance, administration and the distribution of social programs of housing, with the purpose of creating opportunities for suitable and affordable housing , relying on the paying capacity of families in need of housing and the assistance of responsible state institutions. This law is defined as a very important act becouse in the housing programs a part of them belongs to woman as victims of violence, as a further step towards meeting the standarts of the Concil of Europe Convention “For preventing and fighting violence against woman and domestic violence”.


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