EIRP Proceedings, Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Strategic Management Solutions - Accessing the Start-Up Financing

Manuela Panaitescu


In Romania, the focus is on environmental issues related to the threat of infringement proceedings for environmental deficiencies. As a result, companies are looking for specialists prepared to deal with environmental issues or want to improve their own staff. It is also necessary to increase the awareness of the population for the selective collection of waste. In order to set up a firm in this area, managers can adapt the solution to develop a business plan to obtain start-up financing, respecting the Financier's Guide. The newly established company addresses the segment of the market that includes companies with productive activities and which, by nature of the activity, also generates waste. Also, courses can be organized for the general public to get acquainted with the correct way of collecting waste. The research method consisted of applying an age group questionnaire to determine the interest in the type of services offered. On the basis of this survey, it is timely to request a service to contribute to the training of the specialized personnel responsible for environmental protection and environmental monitoring. The service is aimed especially at people who want to know how to manage environmental issues in a company. The service also addresses people who want to develop their environmental protection skills to get new job opportunities. Courses can also be addressed to the general public to familiarize themselves with the correct way of collecting waste.


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