EIRP Proceedings, Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

The Avatars of Property Rights in the Context of 100 Years of Great Romania

Mirela Costache


The formation of Great Romania in 1918 was the result of a complex and long historical process.The year 1918 is a year full of historical and cultural vitality in terms of the events that have made their markon Romania, shaped and developed what it owns and what is Romania of today. Of course, connected to thismajor event, the idea of nation is inextricably linked to the concept of property. A hundred years for a legalright such as property can be a moment, in other cases an eternity. The source of the property right inRomania demands, on the one hand, a history full of problems, with a restrictive nature regarding the freelegal movement of immovable property, and, on the other hand, gave rise to distinct doctrinal positions. Butregardless of the state of affairs, beyond the considerable history of this legal phenomenon, property lawremains a disputed institution, with particular dynamics. A Europe of integration and under the broadconcept of globalization brought the property right to the service of the classical model in which it wasanchored, under the pretext of anchoring it in the social-economic realities or out of the desire to standardizethe legality. In this study we have analyzed, from the critical point of view, the dimension of the propertyright at the end of an era, with a millennial existence, in its different forms of manifestation.



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