EIRP Proceedings, Vol 11 (2016)

Considerations on the Romanian-Soviet Historical Diplomatic Relations in the View of Nicolae Titulescu

Cristian Sandache


The paper seeks a reassessment of the analysis on the model of Romania's foreign policy in the view of Nicolae Titulescu, with a particular emphasis on the Romanian-Soviet relations during the period when Titulescu was the chief of the Romanian diplomacy. The locacl historiographical literature has generally increased, the theoretical value of Titulescu’s thinking, mentioning rarely about his utopian elements, was too focused on legal constructs, to the detriment of pragmatic realism and historical background. Our concerns in this regard were illustrated in some texts and specialized volumes on the geopolitical implications of the Romanian-Soviet relations, and this paper is intended to be a synthesis typical for a process of nuancing regarding the action of a reference personality of the contemporary Romanian diplomacy.


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