EIRP Proceedings, Vol 13 (2018)

Perspective on the Economic and Strategic Relations between the EU and USA Regarding the Stage of Iran Denuclearization Agreement

Angela Mihaela Ene


The approach of the theme regarding the Nuclear Agreement concluded in Vienna on the 14th of July2015, between Iran and the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany in terms of economicand strategic relations between the US and the EU aims to characterize the real stake of the USA initiative, namely,to withdraw from this agreement. Looking in detail at the meetings between the USA President, Donald Trump andthe French President, Emmanuel Macron on one hand and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, on the otherhand, we can understand that the real stake of these official meetings is represented by the new possible positions inthe economic and strategic military arena of the three powers: USA, France and Germany. It is understandable thatthe subsequent change of terms of the nuclear agreement with Iran is only a reason to reconsolidate US economicinterests to the detriment of the EU and especially of France and Germany, which also arises from the attitude of thetwo European leaders.


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