EIRP Proceedings, Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Aspects of Good Administration in the Self-Government Reformation in Albania

Belina Bedini


In 2015 Albania introduced the Law No. 139 on “Self-Government in the Republic of Albania” as one of the most relevant reformations, in the framework of the integration of the country into European Union. Indeed the aim of law, is to provide a more effective, efficient and a closer local government to the citizens, introducing in this way the European concept of good administration. In this paper we intend to treat the promotion of citizen’s participation in the decision-making process, as one the key elements of the good administration. Hence we will analyse if the citizens are involved to the decision-making process in local government, after three years of the implementation of the law. Thus, through the comparative methodology between the old and new legislation on local government, we will highlight what are concrete innovations, in terms of inclusion of citizens in the decision-making, in order to know what to expect from the law. Moreover, through the examination of the recent studies, we will try to figure out, how the most important municipalities in Albania such as Tirana and Durrës, are including the citizens in the decision-making processs. In addition we will look through the public hearings, as a tool of citizen’s participation in the decision-making process, by analysing the published minutes at the municipalities’ website. Therefore the results will induce to a comprehensive panorama of good administration at local government in Albania, in terms of citizens’ participation to the decision-making process. Such outcomes will lead to some recommendations for future improvement which are addressed to the public administrators and to the legislators as well.


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