EIRP Proceedings, Vol 15, No 1 (2020)

The Impact of Conflicts in the Organizational Development

Angela-Mihaela Ene


Conflict, regardless of its forms, is inherent in social life, being obviously present at the level of different types of organizations. This paper aims to highlight the impact and positive, constructive effects of conflicts in organizational development. Conflicts are inevitable and often lead to the efficiency of the organization's activity, to its development. Sometimes conflicts need to be caused in order to generate something new, evolution and invigorate an organization. Conflict is inherent in human interaction, appearing as a result of different systems of social values, differences in principles, culture, interests. Considering these aspects, it tends to manifest itself with a greater emphasis within an organization, considering the multitude of groups and subgroups that make it up. A mirror analysis between the particularities of the group, as a production entity and the constituent elements of the conflict phase, from its outburst to its fadeaway, will be a sufficiently calibrated working tool to be used in the analysis matrix and strategic reconstruction of an organization.


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