EIRP Proceedings, Vol 15, No 1 (2020)

The Impact of Foreign Investments on Economy

Rose-Marie Puscaciu, Carmen-Gabriela Sîrbu, Viorica Pușcaciu


The aim of this research is to focus the attention to the link between the foreign investments and the financialglobalization and their impact on the economic development. The objectives are to underline the role of foreign investments ina financial world and, also, the influence of the latter upon the formers. The paper tries to build on to which extant these twoconcepts interfere, with what consequences and to see which are the limits of this interference and, also, the regulations andinternational forums dealing with these matters. This trial is put into evidence by the method of observation, analyzing thephenomenon and correlating the data. The present study intends to highlight the results of the proposed research, in order to beuseful both for economists, academics and, also, for researchers.


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