EIRP Proceedings, Vol 6 (2011)

A Human Rights Perspective on the Reform of Public Administration in Romania

Gabriela Varia


Romanian scholars argue that the evolution and transformations of the national public administration in the past twenty years were marked in a great extent by the process of integration into the European Union. In trying to provide an explanation to the apparition and evolution of the mechanisms dedicated to the protection of the persons in relation to public administration, after the fall of the communism, the first part of the paper studies the establishment, the evolution and the activity of the ombudsman-type institution in Romania The second part of the paper, on the basis of the analysis of the legislation, briefly reviews the most important transformations brought to People’s Advocate (Romanian Ombudsman) institution at the end of the last year. As suggested by the conclusions of this article, the Romanian Ombudsman played and continues to play significant role in the evolution of the behavior of public administration towards citizens, from the perspective of the human rights.


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