EIRP Proceedings, Vol 1 (2006)


Constantin Paulica Arsenie


Quality has a cost and this fact cannot be denied. In the same time, it is true that non-quality is more expensive. Quality is considered as being expensive because no one tries to calculate non-quality costs. Out of the final cost of a product non-quality stands for 20% up to 35%. According to this idea all economic sectors contain error costs caused by the mistakes made during the production process. To have a real consummation situation, it is necessary to know the cost quantum. The final quality cost  is the result of the following costs: prevention costs, necessary to preclude errors; evaluation costs, as results of a final product evaluation, and failure costs, generated by the non – attainment of product’s purpose. The gross of these costs stand for the total quality costs. Nowadays, the problem inheres in how much this quality cost does represent out of the final cost.


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