EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

European Integration between Equity, Efficiency and Welfare

Gabriela Marchis


Throughout this article I tried to highlight the path for improving the Europeans standards of living. Poverty, inequality and efficiency are the key concepts of the welfare economic. Similar to many other articles about equity, efficiency and welfare, this article offers an account of the challenges facing the European Union welfare in a context of global economy assessing the ability of different components of the welfare governance to respond to these challenges. The welfare of European Union is analyzed under the multidimensional aspects of integration, such as: internal versus external integration and multilevel integration. Aging, changes in the labor market, increased mobility are particular aspects that characterize EU and under the fundamental reform of Europe 2020 Strategy, welfare economic becomes a priority even if the political integration comes first to the economic one. As Europe grows more diverse, the welfare economic translates from desire to necessity.


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