Vol 7 (2012)

Table of Contents

Legal Sciences

Exchange of Information on Traffic Violations Affecting the Road Safety in the European Union PDF
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu

European Warrant for Obtaining Evidence PDF
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu

The European Arrest Warrant PDF
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu

The New Romanian Criminal Code and the Current Romanian Criminal Code, Related to Prior Complaint in Case of Abuse of Office PDF
Alexandru Boroi, Angelica Chirila

Prescription of the High Risk Narcotics and Trading or Illicit Purchasing of High Risk Narcotics PDF
Nicoleta-Elena Buzatu

Checking Interceptions And Audio Video Recordings By The Court After Referral PDF
Sandra Gradinaru

Playing Full Written Records, An Indispensable Condition For Carrying Out Certification PDF
Sandra Gradinaru

Performances and Deficiencies of the Regulation of the Phenomenon of Family Violence in the Republic of Moldova PDF
Diana Ionita

The Criminal Protection of the Financial Interests of the European Union in the Romanian Legislation PDF
Camelia Morareanu, Raluca Diaconu Şimonescu

Prediction and prevention of sexual assaults on children PDF
Liliana Lacramioara Pavel

The Problem of Competition between Penal Norms and Non-penal Norms in the Process of Defending the Order of Law against the Illegality Related to Crediting Process PDF
Prodan Svetlana, Donciu Anatolie

Extended Seizure and Sale of Seized Assets before Pronouncing a Final Conviction PDF
Monica Pocora, Mihail Silviu Pocora, Georgeta Modiga

The Criminality and its Psychological Features PDF
George Dorel Popa, Carmen Mariana Neagu

The Continued Form of Some Crimes Against Property. Theoretical and Practical Aspects Through the New Criminal Code PDF
Mihaela Rotaru

The Recognition of Forensic Psychiatric Expertise in European Union PDF
Ion Rusu

Respecting Human Rights during the Execution of the European Arrest Warrant PDF
Ion Rusu

The Applicable Surrender Procedure between Romania, Norway and Iceland PDF
Ion Rusu

Some Considerations Regarding the Trial of Admitting Guilt PDF
Constantin Tanase

Comparative law. Europe Union law. PDF
Emilian Ciongaru

Civil Liability for Environmental Damages PDF
Daniela Ciochina

Aspects of National and Community Trademarks PDF
Constantin Anechitoae, Calin Marinescu

Exceptions to the principle of free movement of workers in the European Community: the Case of Persons infected with HIV/AIDS PDF
Abdula Azizi, Zemri Elezi, Octavia Daniela Steriopol

European Dimension of Legal Education. A comparative study of the Romanian Law curricula and EU Law syllabus PDF
Brindusa Camelia Gorea

Human Dignity in International Law: Issues and Challenges PDF
Izabela Bratiloveanu

The Reservation to Treaty PDF
Jana Maftei, Vasilica Negruţ, Varvara Coman

The right to family reunification in relation to third-country nationals within the European Union PDF
Mihaela Mazilu-Babel

European Perspectives Approach to Asylum and Migration PDF
Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu

Strategies of Environmental Policy in the European Union PDF
Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu

The Global Dimension of Education PDF
Vasilica Negrut, Jana Maftei, Varvara Coman

How do we define "WORKER" in the European Union PDF
Pop Mihaela

Globalization and Money Laundering PDF
George Dorel Popa

A Comparative View on Regulating the Transaction Agreement PDF
Georgeta-Bianca Tarita (Spirchez)

The Legality and Morality in the Political life in Romania from the Perspective of the Right to a Fair Administration and Good Government PDF
Verginia Vedinas

EU and US Data Protection Reforms. A Comparative View PDF
Gabriela Zanfir

On the Legitimacy of Representation during the Transition towards Democracy PDF
Ioan Alexandru

Legal System as a Determinant of Economic Performance: Factual Records in Romania PDF
Raluca Irina Clipa, Flavian Clipa, Dumitru Filipeanu

The Right to Life PDF
Varvara Licuta Coman, Jana Maftei, Vasilica Negrut

Short Remarks on the Principle of Separation of Powers PDF
Ionela Despa

Report of donations. General considerations PDF
Ilioara Genoiu

The Community Trademark and the Office for Harmonization on the Internal Market (OHIM) PDF
Cornel Grigorut, Calin Marinescu

About the Dissolution of Marriage Settlement in the Context of Romania’s Integration in the European Union PDF
Gabriela Lupsan

Short Remarks on the Rule-of-law State Concept PDF
Iulian Nedelcu

A New Approach in the Social Field – Law No. 62/2011 PDF
Radu Popescu

Electronic Commerce – An International Phenomenon, Generating Commercial Litigations PDF
Angelica Rosu

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Justice without Trial? PDF
Angelica Rosu

Consideration on Monocratic and Dualist Executive Powers as Components of the State PDF
Mariana Mihaela Nedelcu

State Structure and Political Regime Structure PDF
Paul Iulian Nedelcu

The responsibility of subjects implicated in the adoption of unconstitutional norms in Romania PDF
Alina Livia Nicu

Protection of Personal Data – actual and proposed issues PDF
Mihaela Olteanu, Florina Mariana Homeghiu

Considerations on the Right to Public Property PDF
Adriana Pascan

Mediation in Romanian Legislation PDF
Gianina Anemona Radu

The Evolution of Human Rights Principle within the EU Legal System PDF
Silvia Maria Tabusca

Maritime Rescue PDF
Constantin Anechitoae, Calin Marinescu

Legal Status of Waste PDF
Florica Brasoveanu

The Legal Status of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation PDF
Florica Brasoveanu

Mediation – Political-Diplomatic Means for Solving International Conflicts PDF
Madalina Cocosatu

Protection and Conservation of the Aquatic Environment PDF
Cornel Grigorut, Calin Marinescu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Society’s Expectations of Corporate Performance Today (Some Discussions about a ‘Global Performance’) PDF
Yvon Pesqueux

Growth and Inequality in Italy Over the Long Run (1871-2001): Trends, Patterns, Implications PDF
Emanuele Felice

The Regulation Framework for the Banking Sector: The EMU, European Banks and Rating Agencies before and during the Recent Financial and Debt Crisis PDF
Eleftherios Thalassinos

Modelling the Choices of Romanian Consumers in the Context of the Current Economic Crisis PDF
Madalina Balau, Doinita Ariton

Management of Labor Conflicts In Public Health Organizations PDF
Adriana Elena Belu, Elena Alexandra Ilinca

The post-war relations between Romania and the world’s great powers PDF
Monica Boldea, Mihai Olimpiu Parean, Maria Daniela Oțil

Arguments for Polycentricity in Romanian Regional Development in the PDF
Raluca Irina Clipa, Flavian Clipa, Dumitru Filipeanu

A new Risk Strategy for European Cooperative Banks in contemporary economic crisis PDF
Liliana-Aurora Constantinescu, Adrian Constantinescu, Alexandra-Cristina Dumitrescu

Diagnosis Related Groups System - Managerial Tool for Estimating the Cost of Hospital Services (Empirical Study) PDF
Carmen Cretu, Victoria Gheonea

Cross-functional Teams and Their Role in Increasing Competitiveness of the Organizational Partnerships PDF
Laura Dinca, Carmen Voinescu

A Critical Perspective on the Doctrinal Approaches Regarding the Economic Crises PDF
Adina Dornean, Vasile Işan

Challenges and Risks of Global Crisis in the European Labour Market PDF
Georgeta Dragomir, Mariana Trandafir

Approaches of the Bank Loan Portfolio within the Framework of the Financial Crisis PDF
Bogdan Florin Filip

The Financial Market of the Cross and Up-Selling Insurers from Romania PDF
Luminita Maria Filip, Bogdan Constantin Andronic, Cornelia Elena Tureac

Application of United Nations Economic Relations between Romania (1944-1947) PDF
Stefan Gheorghe

The Application of Romanian-German Economic Agreements Before and during the Second World War PDF
Stefan Gheorghe

Implications of Fraud and Error Risks in the Enterprise Environment and Auditor’s Work PDF
Emil Horomnea, Tanasa Florentin

Atypical Integration Process under the Global Crisis PDF
Romeo Victor Ionescu

The role, place and relationships between FDI and GDP for Romania between 2002 – 2010 PDF
Maria Alexandra Ivan, Irina-Elena Gentimir

European Integration between Equity, Efficiency and Welfare PDF
Gabriela Marchis

The Future of Social Services - Approaches to a Sustainable Social Economy PDF
Raluca Mihalcioiu

The influence of entry mode decisions on international marketing policies. A framework PDF
Fabio Musso

Environmental Cost Accounting – Assessing the Environmental Responsibility Effort PDF
Florian Nuta, Carmen Cretu, Alina Nuta

The Basic Challenge in EU Countries Promotion Strategy in Exporting Commercial Services PDF
Octavian Liviu Olaru, Livia Irina Olaru

SMEs and International Competition: Empirical Evidence for Romanian SMEs PDF
Ionica Oncioiu, Mihail-Silviu Pocora

Quantitative and qualitative aspects of maritime transport services PDF
Florin Dan Puscaciu, Rosemarie Puscaciu

The Relationship between Monetary Policy and Financial Stability in the Context of the Recent Global Crisis PDF
Angela Roman, Alina Camelia Sargu

Increasing the Company’s Profitability through Logistics Management PDF
Mihail Romulus Radulescu, Victor Constantin Ioane, Ioana Ceausu, Ioana Florentina Savu

Transformational leadership type in public and private organizations PDF
Mihaela Rus

Euroregion and Local Economic Development PDF
Roxana-Maria Toma

Sustainable Local Development and Building Partnerships PDF
Viorica Toma

Evolution and Impact FDI in Romania, in the Context of Past and the Present Macroeconomic PDF
Cornelia Elena Tureac, Luminita Maria Filip, Bogdan Constantin Andronic

The determination of the main indicators of a production function PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Theoretical Models of Economic Recovery in Recession and Depression Phases PDF
Gina Ioan

Regulation and Deregulation From Legal Theory to the Practical Case of the Financial Sector Nowadays PDF
Bogdan Olteanu

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Human Being and the Philosophical Discourse PDF
Mirela Arsith

Contribution of Feminism to the Evolution of Deliberative Democracy Concept PDF
Alexandru Boboc-Cojocaru

Contemporary feminist discourse, an interdisciplinary approach PDF
Denisa Chirita

The Integral Text Linguistics as General Text Linguistics. PDF
Delia Gavriliu (Margarit)

Body and Dress in the Civilisation of Spectacles PDF
Florica Iuhas

Organizational Culture Perspective Ethnological Approach Reflected in the Work of Dimitrie Cantemir PDF
Manoela Popescu, Luminița Cecilia Crenicean

Organizational and personal dimension’s of the conflicts. Strategies for managing group conflicts PDF
Simona Mina

The communication in public administration in urban areas PDF
Luminita Miron, Dorina Ticu

A Cross-cultural Approach to Business English PDF
Lillians Violeta Negrea

Measuring Quality Satisfaction with Servqual Model PDF
Dan Pauna

Development contextual factors of the system of media responsibility in Romania PDF
Daniela Popa

The Pragmatic Dimension of Text PDF
Silviu Serban

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

Building Trans-Cultural Standards. On Demolishing the Barriers to Intercultural Communication PDF
Dumitru Bortun

The New Phase of the Global Policy on Climate Change PDF
Paul Calanter

The bicycle – future’s solution for an eco-friendly urban transport PDF
Cristina Emilia Ciovică, Cristian Florea, Alexandra Maria Galbează

The importance of the organizational cultural research and it’s factors, within the management PDF
Aida Mariana Cimpeanu, Ioan Duțuc

Deforestation – a necessary imperative or the paradox of our times PDF
Cristian Florea, Cristina Emilia Ciovică, Alexandra Maria Galbează

Culture Shock Triggered by More or Less Cultural Actants PDF
Constantin Frosin

Sustainable development towards globalization within Romania PDF
Maria Alexandra Galbeaza

Accession to the Schengen Area – a Further Delay for Romania PDF
Florin Iftode

Economic globalization - a phenomenon of global business integration PDF
Radu Marcel Joia, Alina Mihaela Babonea

Migration and Security of States PDF
Cristian Jura

Recommendations Regarding Valuation of the Cultural Specialty Factors in the Managerial Communication within the Romanian Organizations PDF
Sergiu Pirju, Angelica Nicoleta Onea

Future of National Sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova in the Perspective of European Integration PDF
Victor Rusu

Addressing the decision-making process at the global level and multilateralism PDF
Maria Gabriela Sterian

European Union - Impasse, Compromise and Development PDF
Marcela Monica Stoica

From Representation to Participation: A More Democratic European Union? PDF
Marcela Monica Stoica

Internet time: Open Data and Laws for European citizens PDF
Carlo Vaccari, Maria Concetta De Vivo, Alberto Polzonetti, Pietro Tapanelli

The influence of context on participatory e-government applications: A comparison of E-government adoption in Romania and South Korea PDF
Greg Porumbescu, Catalin Vrabie, Jiho Ahn

UNI4-4 Project Workshop

Blended Learning Spaces as a Social Innovation for Local Inclusion, Integration and Employability PDF
Bastian Pelka, Christoph Kaletka

Universities as Regional Centres for Lifelong Learning and Innovation PDF
Antonius Johannes Schröder

Quality in Education

Teacher as Learning Facilitator in ELT PDF
Codruta Elena Badea

Recognition of Diplomas and Teaching Practices in the Romanian Universities PDF
Sandra Safourcade, Viorel Ariton

Academic Excellence Workshop

The Importance of Non-Formal Education and the Role of NGOs in its Promotion PDF
Alina Burlacu

Diploma Supplement - Instrument of the Quality Assurance Process in the Romanian Higher Education? PDF
Mădălina Cocoşatu

University Ranking, an Important Quality-Assurance Tool PDF
Crina Radulescu

Linking Public Administration and Law Studies within European Union PDF
Mihaela Carausan

ECTS & DS Labels Keys for Academic Excellence PDF
Radu Stoika, Madlena Nen

Cross-border Structures and Europeanism

Georgia: from neighbour to partner of the European Union PDF
Alexianu Ruxandra

The “Battle of Lisbon“ and the challenges of tomorrow PDF
Iakob Attila, Albescu Oana

The Security Environment in Central and Eastern Europe: Current Status, Future Prospects PDF
Georgeta Chirlesan

The International Monetary Fund, Criticized. The International Monetary Fund Response to Critics PDF
Irina Elena Gentimir

Does Economic Crisis Affect Sustainable Development? PDF
Alina Cristina Nuţă, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Florian Marcel Nuţă

The Importance of a Country Brand in the International Tourism Promotion PDF
Anca Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac, Rodica Pripoaie, Alina Nuta

Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Business Travel Romania – Bulgaria PDF
Anca Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac, Bogdan Andronic, Florian Nuta

The Need for Identifying the National Interest In Romania PDF
Florina Bran, Gheorghe Manea

Reforming Public Administration

Emerging Administrations under European Union Rules PDF
Bogdan Berceanu

Territorial reform, institutional change and economic development. The regions’ evolution and their perspective along the Romanian history PDF
Monica Boldea, Mihai Parean, Maria Otil

The Sources of Administrative Law and their Role in Consecrating the Administrative Space of European Union PDF
Gina Livioara Goga

Reorganization of Public Institutions in Romania Caused by the Economic Crisis PDF
Corina Georgiana Lazar, Valeriu Antonovici

Decentralized local services for improvement of quality of life in the Republic of Macedonia, Case study Tetovo municipality PDF
Memet Memeti, Agron Rustemi

The Role of Sustainable Leadership in Public Administration PDF
Ionica Oncioiu, Mihail-Silviu Pocora

Internal Control of the Public Administration Bodies (Institutions) in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Fadil Memet Zendeli

General Considerations on the Institution of Fiducia PDF
Diana Andreea Papa

Applications of the Motivation Theories in the Management of the Romanian Police PDF
Valeria-Liliana-Amelia Purda-Nicoară (Netotea-Suciu), Aurel Manolescu, Maria Roxana Dorobanţu

Institutional Dynamics versus Economic Dynamics in Romania PDF
Oana-Ramona Socoliuc