EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Approaches of the Bank Loan Portfolio within the Framework of the Financial Crisis

Bogdan Florin Filip


In this paper, the author proposes himself, first, to define, in his view, and to outline the content of " bank loan portfolio", starting from the requirements of its efficient management, considering that the proper use of the concept favours the treatment of related issues, both in theoretical plan and, especially, in banking practice, for which, there are invoked approaches of this expression cited in other works in the foreign and Romanian scientific literature. Furthermore, it is argued the need and the possibility of the applicative approaches to banks' loan portfolios, in terms of quantitative dimensions, but especially from qualitative perspective, through their structuring on types of loans currently in progress. In this respect, there are processed and interpreted data that characterize the formation and administration of loan portfolios of commercial banks in Romania and in other European countries, resulting findings, assessments and conclusions, having resonances in the theory and practice of banking.


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