EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The influence of context on participatory e-government applications: A comparison of E-government adoption in Romania and South Korea

Greg Porumbescu, Catalin Vrabie, Jiho Ahn


This article assesses how contextual factors influence participatory applications of e-government. While the pursuit of participatory e-government projects is increasingly advocated, little research to date has attempted to investigate whether such applications of e-government are feasible across all national contexts. In particular, this research will focus upon assessing how the political, economic, and social characteristics of a particular government’s context influence the introduction of participatory applications of e-government. To explore the relationships between contextual factors and applications of e-government, we compare participatory e-government applications in Romania and South Korea. These nations were selected because they possess important similarities and differences related to their political, social, and economic contexts.


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