EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Internet time: Open Data and Laws for European citizens

Carlo Vaccari, Maria Concetta De Vivo, Alberto Polzonetti, Pietro Tapanelli


This article covers three different aspects related to the Internet usage in Europe. The first theme examines the Open Data phenomenon and the use of Public Sector Information in the interest of the citizens. In this part we listed the studies that in last years attempted to quantify the PSI market. In the second paragraph we list the actions taken by European Commission to develop the PSI market and to use the “openness” to improve economic growth in Europe. In the final section an overview of the Italian law relating to the use of the Internet is given, connecting it with the latest developments of European and UN laws on the usefulness of new technologies for the European digital citizen. The paper provides an overall look at the studies, actions and European laws regarding the use of the Internet and public data and the resulting benefits for citizens.


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