EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Integral Text Linguistics as General Text Linguistics.

Delia Gavriliu (Margarit)


For over half a century, the text is one of the objects to which we had dedicated a lot of pages, both within linguistics and the related scientific fields. The Eugeniu Coseriu’s theory of language is recognized for its presence in most major language studies in recent decades. The object of analysis in the case of text linguistics, the text, must be considered because of the Coseriu’s type of studies as an integralist study. The different orientations of modern linguistics have helped to consider the text in its “integral” aspect. In this sense, this work proposes to more clearly delineate the distinctions that Coseriu made on the text. These distinctions can be a solid reference point in the theory of the text, allowing us to achieve our final task on the typology of journalistic text. This study is a brief introduction to the concept of text in the light of Coseriu’s integralism.


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