EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

A New Approach in the Social Field – Law No. 62/2011

Radu Popescu


Law no. 62/2011 of social dialogue, as it was regulated by the lawmaker, comes and reunites within it a series of fundamental institutions in social matters, such as: social dialogue (trade unions, employees’ representatives, owners’ associations), the Economic and Social Council, the collective employment contract, labour conflicts and, not lastly, a series of elements pertaining to labour jurisdiction. It thus abrogates the old regulations in the matter: Law no. 54/2003 with respect to trade unions, Law no. 356/2001 regarding owners’ associations, Law no. 109/1997 regarding the organizing and functioning of the Economic and Social Council, Law no. 130/1996 with respect to the collective employment contracts, Law no. 168/1999 regarding the settling of labour conflicts and Government Decision (G.D.) no. 369/2009 regarding the establishment and functioning of the social dialogue commissions at the level of the central public administration and at the territorial level.


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