EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Security Environment in Central and Eastern Europe: Current Status, Future Prospects

Georgeta Chirlesan


The paper aims at presenting the main features of the current security environment within Central and Eastern Europe. It tries to build up on previous approaches regarding the Euro-Atlantic security with a focus on specific security environment in Central and Eastern Europe. It operates with concepts of the European Security Strategy and with the NATO Alliance security principles, which not entirely overlap. The present research is based on deductive and inductive analysis, comparative and case study. The research findings have revealed that European and Euro-Atlantic security are inter-laced. Collective security arrangements are necessary and able to ensure peace and stability in Europe. Still, security is a controversial concept in terms of perception at the level of political elites and public opinion. This paper presents a joint interest to academics and researchers working in this sensitive field of security, providing them the possibility to gain a better knowledge and understanding on the security environment within Central and Eastern Europe. The value of this paper resides on the original approach and on the research methods that have been used in order to deeply analyse the security environment from an inside perspective of an Eastern country.


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