EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Teacher as Learning Facilitator in ELT

Codruta Elena Badea


The classroom is the magic active scenery where many educational things take place simultaneously. Intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural, motivational and curricular factors corroborate their influence on classroom environments, whether we deal with traditional models of teaching or with the constructivist approaches. The growing demand for language teachers, English in particular, has determined a new vision of language teaching strategies. The cutting-edge technology has created a fertile ground which successfully fosters the teacher –student communication, emphasizing the teacher’s role to guide students and to generate a change in their learning approach and in eliciting useable knowledge. This way, the teacher has a larger ability to convert knowledge into practical information that is of real help and value to students. Students are involved in a continuous educational scheme and are tested on what they have learned. This ensures they can always enjoy the benefits of active learning from expert teachers. The present paper deals with a brief analysis of the role of teacher as learning facilitator and its importance for student acquisition process, eliciting some strategies in support of collaborative and student-centered learning.


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