EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Universities as Regional Centres for Lifelong Learning and Innovation

Antonius Johannes Schröder


On the background of the results of a still running German project the role of universities to improve lifelong learning and innovation will be discussed not only from the perspective of a qualification supplier but as an enabler for a far-reaching and continuous social innovation process, including all the relevant stakeholders, institutions and policy makers. New education and training opportunities have to be constructed overcoming existing borders between the different education and training systems, based on already existing successful structures and institutions. Modulation and certification of education and training, non-formal and informal learning, transmission management etc. have to be coordinated where people are living and using these: at the regional level. Within a social innovation process universities can successfully take the role as a central actor in a regional field of qualification and innovation. They could act as a competent partner matching qualification and innovation demands. In order to competently fulfil their role in this matching process, universities will face both an internal development process and external challenges. In summary, they will face and have to master a multi-faceted social innovation process.


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