EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Sustainable development towards globalization within Romania

Maria Alexandra Galbeaza


Sustainable development was first developed in order to offer a clear picture of progress in terms of ecological policies so as to harmonize both present and long-term objectives. It takes a change in the way of thinking and an active involvement of society towards public policies as far as sustainability is concerned. The relation between globalization and sustainable development is a very close one taking into consideration that activities of national markets have led to their homogeneity. On the other hand, sustainability became an important element in European economy, namely for Romania. Authorities started to pay attention to changes existent with the new environmental and economic priorities. Sustainable development within Romania requires a deep analysis upon the development indicators in order to know what the present situation is and what it may happen in the near future. Therefore, it is high time to evaluate the real situation that will influence the growth of the economy sector in the next decade. The conclusion drawn is that the strategic indicators revealed a hard path that Romania has been trying to pass recent years concerning sustainability requirements


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