EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Organizational and personal dimension’s of the conflicts. Strategies for managing group conflicts

Simona Mina


The area of conflictology finds itself between the border of interest and challenge.  Whatever the communication skills we might master, interacting is a difficult exercise; the ongoing interacting will determine the ongoing situations of conflict and crisis, as well.  Conflict is a reality, a natural consequence of interacting; here is an approach that we propose in this volume.  The misunderstandings are intermediary steps to conflict, generated by the different reception of the message, other than the intentions of the emitting factor.  However, we are too vain to admit when we are wrong, as an emitting factor, when we cannot make ourselves understood and our messages are received differently than their main intentions, for which they were initiated (nobody understands me, we are on different communication channels:  this is the way we think and behave in misunderstood situations).  However, communication above all, is perception. That is why, misunderstandings are solved straightforward by using the communication techniques (we reformulate the initial message, making sure we made ourselves understood).  This scientific endeavor’s objective is to offer just such an approach in solving interpersonal conflict.



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