EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The role, place and relationships between FDI and GDP for Romania between 2002 – 2010

Maria Alexandra Ivan, Irina-Elena Gentimir


The Foreign Direct Investments for the European Union reached a volume of 289 billion USD, while the mergings and acquisitions volume was 115.3 billion USD. The EU-27 states, including Romania, have lately experienced a constant evolution of th FDI flows and stocks, but they now seem to be the ones that face up some harsh times.

International studies show that the FDI are attracted by factors such as labour force flexiblity and the depth of the financial sectors for the „tradable” sectors, and the quality of the judicial system and the quality of the infrastructure for the „nontradable” sectors. None of these four factors is up to the expectation for the moment in Romania.


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