EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Diagnosis Related Groups System - Managerial Tool for Estimating the Cost of Hospital Services (Empirical Study)

Carmen Cretu, Victoria Gheonea


Public health services in Romania are in a complex and continuous process of reform, a major priority of government. In the light of future trends of development of health care, we can say that healthcare is becoming more and more a "market" operating on the principle of supply and demand. The patient becomes a consumer; he is interested in health care and wants to be adept at maintaining and improving his health. Therefore, the Romanian health sector must intensify efforts to develop management because success and even its existence depend exclusively on an appropriate management system that continuously improves to the needs of the patient (customer) and to the market economy. Thus, we considered it necessary for costing approach in the health sector in Romania due to the high complexity of health services and the high consumption of resources.


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