EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Reorganization of Public Institutions in Romania Caused by the Economic Crisis

Corina Georgiana Lazar, Valeriu Antonovici


Any organization is established to achieve a mission, a goal and certain specific objectives. In the Romanian’s case, due to the financial crisis and the IMF requirements for their loan, certain agencies and departments of several ministries or public institutions have been dismissed or reorganized. We ask ourselves – who is to continue the activity of those organizations? Is it possible that after the reorganization, the institution to properly function with less staff? Is it about the fact that Romania cuts public expanses, by giving away certain priorities (respectively, organizations?) How do the new organizational structures look after being reorganized – can they handle the initial objectives?

The topic in hand: Government says that these reorganizations are to earn to the public budget a considerable amount of money, and that they are not to affect the organizations’ activities. Our paper will include analyses of the organizational changes, following the factors of change, the objectives for change, the forms of change and episodes of changes and their results.

Research methodology: 1. analysis and comparison of organizational objectives and missions before and after reorganization; 2. analysis and comparison of two organizations subordinated to the government before and after reorganization.


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