EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The “Battle of Lisbon“ and the challenges of tomorrow

Iakob Attila, Albescu Oana


In the last decade the European construction and the structural changes on  the European Union level where forced to adapt to the new global realities in which the multi-polar competition and the economic problems shaped the form of the Lisbon treaty and created a new frame of development for the continental organization. On the other hand, these new changes adopted by the treaty may not be the real solution to the contemporary global developments in which the accelerated and interdependent contexts defines define the world of tomorrow. From this point of view, the Lisbon treaty may or may not be the proper response to the internal and external challenges of the European Union, but it is clearly a step to a more safer and comprehensive Europe. For this reason, the min objective of this study is to map a possible walkthrough of the tomorrow’s European construction and also the maze of issues with which the Union must deal for a successful structural construction.


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