EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Importance of Non-Formal Education and the Role of NGOs in its Promotion

Alina Burlacu


Non-formal education it is still a vague concept in our country but has begun to become more and more important especially after Romania’s accession to the European Union. Although its development has taken small steps until now, we already see its importance not as a substitute but as a supplementary segment of formal education. The labor market today is more and more demandable, the competition between candidates is acerbic and the need for proving specific skills and competencies has gain a great importance. We cannot neglect the benefits and the added-value that non-formal activities can bring to the personal and professional development neither its contribution to the under-privileged groups. The NGOs remain the main providers of non-formal education and they should raise the awareness towards this educational component.


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