EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Georgia: from neighbour to partner of the European Union

Alexianu Ruxandra





The main purpose of this paper is to present the institutional dynamics and political developments of the European Union regarding its Eastern neighbours. This research is important in the field of European Construction because it studies how the continental organization approached the question of foreign relations towards countries that belonged to a different system of values.

This paper wants to bring a deeper approach regarding the activity of the European Union towards the Republic of Georgia. The method used was a case study of the EU institutions and politics created towards the Georgian state.

Through the systematization and interpretation  of previous empirical studies and press articles this work offers a clear image of the activity and results of the EU foreign policy towards Georgia.

This paper may elicit a more analytical interest for research groups interested in the efficiency of some entities that define the  European construction but it can also be useful to European or local political decisional factors.

The key contribution of this paper consists of providing a pertinent analysis of EU foreign policy towards Georgia in the context of exceptional internal problems caused by the economic crisis and also considering the dependence of EU to another major player in Eurasia-Russian Federation- whose stake in Georgia is obviously extremely high.



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