EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Organizational Culture Perspective Ethnological Approach Reflected in the Work of Dimitrie Cantemir

Manoela Popescu, Luminița Cecilia Crenicean


Culture is the foundation to explain nearly all phenomena and processes occurring within organizations, as well as performance differences between organizations. Similar national culture, organizational culture is at the same time, the premise and starting point for changing the organization's performance. In an uncertain environment, marked by profound structural and procedural changes required an organizational culture and historical research in order to identify component elements relatively easy to change. In this regard, an analysis of organizational culture in ethnological perspective permit to identify its components and accumulated cultural elements reflected in the work of Dimitrie Cantemir. It explains, for example, positive behavior of organizations with foreign partners (hospitality), and certain organizational values: tolerance, intelligence, spirit of oratory, humor, corruption, works jumps, etc.


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