EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

European Perspectives Approach to Asylum and Migration

Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu


Migration is a complex process, with a multinational character that can not be managed only unilaterally or bilaterally, but through effective management to take into account the benefit of all involved and changing characteristics of the migration process. Regarding the European Union, framed in the general context, it aims to promote a comprehensive migration policy, to provide a coherent and efficient manner to meet the challenges and opportunities that migration presents. Multilateral approach under consideration covers all phases of migration, aiming to seize them and present it at the same time, to implement effective policies and measures concerning illegal migration and human trafficking. It is based on generally accepted principles relating to subsidiary, proportionality, solidarity and respect for law and the economic and social. From this perspective, the present study examines the quantitative aspects of migration as well as qualitative aspects, with emphasis on the challenges that they face Romania, from the status of EU member country.


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