EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Criminality and its Psychological Features

George Dorel Popa, Carmen Mariana Neagu


Preventing and fighting crime preoccupied and concerned humanity along its history. This concern is fully justified because the crime is serious harm of the human interests, endangering fundamental values and it is affecting the proper functioning of the social system. But what constitutes criminal behavior and how the individual gets the specialized skills in the area of criminality? What is its specificity? Any society appreciates the behavior of its members in terms of their compliance to the moral and legal rules. Failure to follow these rules will lead to coercive or punitive measures. The collective programming of the mind gives pattern for the individual behavior and about how the individual reacts. The reaction is observable in the diversity of cultural patterns of individuals forming a society. A study recently elaborated by the Journal of the Association for Psychological claims that people belonging to the different cultures perceive the aspects of reality in a different way. The researchers found differences in how different cultures think about other cultures. Implications: The originality of this paper is consisting in understanding of criminality using the three factors that define the formation and development of human personality. The added value of the paper come from interdisciplinary presentation of the scourge of this age - criminality.


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