EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Legal Status of Waste

Florica Brasoveanu


Within states statutes designed to combat the environmental pollution through waste and hazardous substances grow multiplied.
The legal system reacts first by using known techniques and then in a progressive manner, by creating new techniques. Environmental protection will go further and turn into a powerful factor that will determine the improvement of fundamental concepts regarding environmental protection through prevention, according to the principle "it is better to prevent than to repair environmental damage".

The implementation of this principle is inevitable given that environmental protection has become a global objective of the international society, resulting in a harmonization of environmental legislation and radicalization of international cooperation in environmental protection.

Given the globalization of environmental protection action, economic factors play an important role in the fight to safeguard the environment, states taking measures to protect the internal environment, but also regional and global environment.


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